Quality & Integrity

ELEVATE is at the forefront of driving integrity and quality within the industry. It underpins everything we do and everything we stand for.

We deliver professional opinions and advice, we assess compliance, and we use this knowledge as the basis for recommending improvements that benefit our customers and workers.

In fulfilling our commitment to providing excellent services to our customers, we have established a Quality Management System that complies with ISO standards and was certified by BSI in conformance with ISO 9001:2015.

Similarly, if we do not uphold integrity, we hurt the industry and workers, as well as our reputation. This is so fundamental to ELEVATE’s mission that we committed to building a more professional and accountable industry. We’re doing this as a founding member of the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA).

Each member of our team is a signatory to our LRQA/ELEVATE Code of Ethics.


ELEVATE is fully committed to impartiality when carrying out services and providing professional opinions. We avoid conflicts of interest to ensure our business activities are conducted in an impartial and nondiscriminatory manner. Our Impartiality Statement is available here.

Reporting of unethical behavior

Our LRQA SpeakUp platform is a confidential, reporting tool, available to anyone—including employees and customers—to report any perceived illegal, unethical or improper conduct involving ELEVATE. See details of LRQA SpeakUp at our website.

Reporting is carried out through a secure website or a toll-free multilingual hotline. We are committed to protecting the anonymity of anyone who brings forward a claim.

All allegations are taken with the utmost sincerity and reviewed using a defined internal process to create consistency across our global operations in how we handle and address all issues.