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Providing guidance to suppliers looking to build better factories, understand complex compliance requirements and work as a more reliable and informed partner by reducing supply chain risk.

ELEVATE works with suppliers / vendors and agents in the automotive sector to establish the right framework for effective responsible sourcing programs. We are committed to developing and implementing responsible supply chain strategies that create a responsible balance between business need and improving supply chain working conditions.

Supplier ownership programs involve:

  • The co-development of a framework and governance protocol
  • Policies including a Code of Conduct and management buy-in
  • Program processes for supplier selection, monitoring, remediating and measuring
  • Effective program oversight by empowering employees at the appropriate level
  • Collaboration to build a performance-oriented program
  • Build trust and transparency to gain visibility into the real risks
  • Implement effective auditing to evaluate working conditions / reinforce transparency
  • Build an improvement plan to address root causes of the risks requiring remediation
  • Proactively drive remediation to address those issues identified
  • Actively and regularly monitor performance improvement efforts
  • Hold factories accountable and proactively report to customers
  • Communicate and train suppliers upstream on general requirements and specific topics

These programs have many benefits for both brands and suppliers:

  • Stronger partnerships with customers based on transparency and collaboration
  • Ability to participate in the conversation about factory compliance
  • Reduction of business risks associated with factory non-compliance
  • Competitive advantage and opportunity for larger contracts / enhanced relationships

“We’ve seen the best results when both the customer and supplier commit to more collaborative and proactive management of social responsibility in the supply chain. Unfortunately, many suppliers fail to see the potential business value of investing in such a program and most customers rarely provide the business incentive or justification beyond ‘it is the right thing to do.’ This needs to change and we provide a way forward.” – Mark Jones, Chief Customer Officer