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Robust, ethical and transparent assessments and audits are not a tick-the-box exercise.

It’s not just about compliance. It’s about impact, continuous improvement and sustainable change for brands, retailers, suppliers, factories, workers and communities.

We’re acknowledged throughout the industry for creating that change through our unique understanding of best practices globally and on the ground conditions and business cultural practices.

As a top tier provider of assessment globally, we are also known for our integrity, transparency, independent perspective, and genuine desire for lasting improvement for all.

Our qualified and independent auditors cover manufacturing facilities and farms in over 110 countries. We address labor and social compliance, environmental impact, supply chain security and building structural, electrical and fire safety systems. We work with suppliers, factory management and workers to unlock new solutions and corrective measures that result in lasting improvement.

ELEVATE’s Aruvio and Tableau systems facilitate seamless audit scheduling, delivery and analytics with a strong emphasis on quality throughout the audit workflow.

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ELEVATE delivers a broad range of assessments and related products:

  • Supply Chain Social Compliance (view Social & Labor)
  • Supply Chain Environmental Compliance
  • Supply Chain Security (CTPAT / AEO)
  • Fire and Life Safety Assessment
  • Building & Structural Integrity Assessment
  • Electrical Safety Assessment
  • Chain of Custody / Traceability Assessment
  • Foreign Migrant Worker Assessment
  • Worker and/or Supervisor Surveys
  • Equivalency (EQ)
  • Multiple Report Audit
  • Specialized Spot Checks
  • Incident Investigations
  • Customized Assessments

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