Building, Electrical & Fire Safety

We keep workers in factories safe by identifying and supporting the remediation of life safety hazards.

ELEVATE’s qualified engineers understand that structural, fire and electrical risks are potential threats to worker safety in supply chains. We carry out technical assessments of factory buildings to detect life safety hazards and recommend remedial measures to protect workers, facilities, and communities.

Services performed by our registered engineers:

  • Structural Integrity Assessments
  • Electrical Safety Assessments
  • Fire Safety Assessments
  • Detailed Engineering Analyses
  • eLearning and Technical
  • Training Seminars

These technical services include document reviews, factory inspections, corrective action plans, supervision of remediation, and follow up inspections by qualified structural, electrical and fire safety engineers.

Our engineers are equipped with the latest tools, devices and training. To make accurate assessments of the soundness of structures and the condition of electrical systems and keep workers safe, we conduct ferro scanning, thermographic scanning, ultrasonic pulse velocity tests, and additional diagnostic procedures.

ELEVATE is approved to work with brands, retailers, suppliers and factories to conduct assessments and audits representing a range of industry initiatives. Select a scheme for more information