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Our repository of data unleashes insights that move you from reactive to proactive and predictive.

ELEVATE teams complete approximately 14,000 assessment each year with a reach to over 110 countries. In many instances this includes follow-up visits. We also engage hundreds of thousands of workers directly through our survey tools, and support tens of thousands of individuals at brands, suppliers and factories via our eLearning platform. This proprietary intelligence is categorized, tagged and uploaded to our data warehouse where it feeds to our Tableau platform and analytics teams.

We believe that by blending together data from assessment, worker surveys, eLearning and other tools, we are able to surface unique insights that drive sustained impact in factories and economies. Over time these data will support predictive insight into both risks and opportunity.

“Data alone isn’t enough. At ELEVATE we complement data-driven insights with real-world expert judgment. We validate our statistical analysis with viewpoints from 200+ world class employees based in-country and working inside factories on a daily basis.”

Dr. Kevin Franklin, Senior Vice President

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