Jinhua Zhang

Regional Coordinator, Environment Under Review – Asia Pacific, UNEP

Mr. Jinhua Zhang works in the United Nations Environment Programme’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, as the Regional Coordinator for Environment Under Review sub-programme. Jinhua plays a leading role in organizing the Asia-Pacific regional inputs to Global Environment Outlook (GEO) series of reports (GEO-4, GEO-5 and GEO-6), as well as in guiding the development of state of environment reports for more than 20 countries and cities, and contributing to reviewing and reporting of SDGs. Jinhua has coordinated subregional and thematic scientific assessments including The Pacific Environment and Climate Change Outlook, South Asia Environment Outlook, water vulnerability assessments in Northeast Asia, South Asia and South East Asia. He served as members of advisory group for global forest assessment 2005 and SUMERNET project of Stockholm Environment Institute, respectively. Jinhua has degrees in Science and Agronomy from Wageningen University, The Netherland, and Nanjing Agricultural University, China.

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