Kilian Moote

Project Director -, Humanity United

Kilian is a responsible business and investment expert with expertise in labor relations, supply chains, ESG, and impact investing. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 1000 to early-stage startups. Kilian currently leads KnowTheChain, the leading risk index used by an investor network with over $3.8 trillion of assets under management (AUM) to assess if companies they own are appropriately addressing global supply chain and labor risks.

Kilian is a skilled facilitator who uses design-thinking and systems practice to help groups accelerate solutions to challenging social problems. These workshops have been held in five different countries with clients from the public and private sector. He has lectured at different universities, including the University of San Francisco and the University of Technology Sydney, discussing sustainable supply chain management and corporate social responsibility.

Kilan began his career by helping to design and launch a variety of mission-driven companies focused on job development for marginalized populations.