Oren Yakobovich

President and Co-Founder, Videre

A serial social entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in challenging and disrupting unjust systems with a vision of creating an organizational model to change the world. From innovative storytelling to harnessing new technology and cutting-edge tools, he combines traditional knowledge gathering with such methodologies to shine a light on abuses and hold power to account.

He co-founded Videre Est Credere in 2008, an NGO with ground-breaking methodologies to equip oppressed communities with customized technology to uncover information from places where media can’t or won’t go.  Prior to Videre, he led the video department at B’Tselem, training hundreds of citizens fighting for justice in the West Bank through the video project “Shooting Back” that won several awards, including the One World Media award and International Media Award’s Cutting Edge Prize.

His new social enterprise works with human rights and environmental grass-roots organizations fighting for change, building resilience through holistic and intelligent risk management and operational strategies aimed to protect both the organizations and the social impact investors funding them.

An Ashoka Fellow and recipient of the 2016 Skoll Foundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship, Oren also serves on the International Criminal Court’s Technology Advisory Council.