Webinar – Disclosure & transparency that meets reporting & investor expectations

Is your reporting process structured effectively to focus on what matters, highlight transparency, and satisfy more stringent disclosure requirements?

In this webinar, presenters Erin Lyon, Vice President, Sustainability Consulting, ELEVATE, and Felipe Arango, Partner, BSD Consulting, an ELEVATE company share the latest thought leadership on:

  • Trends on corporate sustainability and integrated reporting, supply chain transparency, and investor / regulatory disclosure requirements
  • Challenges in understanding and prioritizing the requirements of myriad ESG questionnaires, ratings and disclosure standards
  • Approaches to effectively navigate and satisfy emerging requirements for transparency and performance, while remaining focused on what matters
  • Designing effective materiality determination, reporting and engagement processes that tell a compelling story of long-term value creation to investors, and
  • The future for supply chain social and environmental disclosure(s) e.g. annual vs. online and real-time, separate vs. integrated, going deeper on supply chains etc.

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  • Erin Lyon, Vice President, Sustainability Consulting, ELEVATE
  • Felipe Arango, Partner, BSD Consulting

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