Webinar - New Countries, New Risk: How to anticipate sourcing risks amidst the Trade War

Elevating your decisions and preparing your company to move to new sourcing locations

International brands and retailers are preparing their responsible sourcing plans and budgets for 2020. Many companies are evaluating moving their supply chain base outside China due to the Trade War and rising labor costs. When you reposition your supply chain, you are likely to find serious risks – and right now, you may not even know what those risks are.

In this ELEVATE Webinar, our Analytics team discloses the changes in sourcing risks as companies shift from China to other key sourcing markets, notably Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. We present simulations in EiQ, ELEVATE’s supply chain intelligence tool, that feature companies that are pivoting to Vietnam and Cambodia. You can see how exposure to risk changes and the specific impact to transparency, labor, health & safety. By understanding the new risks before you move, you will lay the groundwork for a smoother transition.

Already relocated to a new sourcing destination? Learn how data and segmentation can help you identify and weed out higher-risk suppliers in your new supply chain.

This ELEVATE webinar will help elevate your team and bring greater assurance and insight to your decision-making during the Trade War.



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