Margot Sfeir – ELEVATE Sustainability Journeys Podcast

  • September 25, 2019

Podcast Episode 6: Margot Sfeir

In Episode 6, we discuss social sustainability and strategy with Margot Sfeir, ELEVATE’s own Director of Strategic Accounts. Before joining ELEVATE, Margot started her career at DKNY, followed by 11 years at J.Crew where she built the CSR program.

Responsible sourcing is no cake walk for brands and retailers. Margot explains that with limited resources and greater external pressures, it’s difficult for companies to strike a perfect balance in their sourcing programs. At one end, it’s necessary for companies to dive deeper into their supply chains to address risks at the lower tiers, but they also can’t shift their focus too far from their tier one suppliers. This position might seem daunting, but Margot optimistically explains that this do more with less mentality creates exciting opportunities to innovate, build more effective programs, and create new multi-stakeholder initiatives.

It has moments that are stressful, but it’s always exciting to be in a position where we can improve program effectiveness with our clients. Listen in to the conversation with Andrew Savini and Ian Spaulding around Margot’s sustainability journey and subscribe for future episodes!

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