Business Driven Sustainability

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CSR Asia now part of ELEVATE

CSR Asia expands ELEVATE’s strategic sustainability offering and enlarges geographic footprint...

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Supplier Ownership

The time has come for suppliers to take greater ownership of managing and improving working conditions in the supply chain. Let ELEVATE show you how.

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ELEVATE eLearning Store

ELEVATE eLearning provides a scalable, standardized and cost effective approach for delivering introductory social and environmental performance training to factories, suppliers...

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Business Driven Sustainability

ELEVATE believes in sustained, impactful improvement in social and environmental performance creating a responsible balance between maximizing financial return and meeting supplier responsibility requirements.

Shifting the paradigm
The business community has addressed supply chain labor and environmental issues in roughly the same way for the past 15 years.  Audit and "do it yourself" corrective action planning has been and continues to be the focus with minor investments in in-factory training or consulting.  However, it is clear that model has its limits and we have reached them.
While ELEVATE supports and believes in collaborative efforts, the reality is that every company is different. Our experience has shown that tailored programs that address and leverage unique company culture, supply chain characteristics, and challenges drive faster and more sustained improvements.
Increased ROI
Businesses make decisions every day that involve trade-offs and rarely is there a perfect ‘solution’. We believe that in order to drive sustained impact, resources should be focused where they matter most. By segmenting activities and efforts to match the unique challenges of different supply chain actors a clear ROI emerges. ROI is critical in establishing Business Driven Sustainability.
Widespread falsification of records as well as worker intimidation continue to undermine our collective efforts to monitor and improve factories conditions. Calibrating and building programs that encourage open and transparency communication within the supply chain is a must.

Who we work with

Brands & Retailers - Social Responsibility

brands-retailersELEVATE social responsibility programs are customized to meet the unique characteristics of each retailer/brand's supply chain. Factory portfolios vary in terms of influence of the buyer, factory sophistication, country and category risk and financial and management capacity. ELEVATE can segment the portfolio and build a program from a blend of ELEVATE tools and services ranging from audit and e-learning to key performance indicator monitoring and in-depth capacity building. As a result, the ELEVATE layered program creates increased ROI.

Suppliers - Supplier Ownership

supplier-ownershipOne of the critical missing pieces in social compliance is supplier ownership. Too few suppliers have established proactive programs to drive social performance. Instead, they are forced to respond to poor audit results in a series of unplanned fire drills, wasting their own time and creating dissatisfaction amongst their customers. The Supplier Ownership Program helps suppliers develop a more intimate understanding of their factory portfolio and the potential return on their social compliance investment, while putting in motion a series of actions that will promote improvement. The result will be to differentiate the supplier from their competitors, while also reducing cost and/or increasing sales.

Factories - Factory Improvement

factoriesFor those factories that are particularly important to a customer and have struggled to improve their social compliance audit results, a six or twelve month, deep-dive Factory Improvement Program can bring about major changes in performance. During a Factory Improvement engagement, ELEVATE will conduct a Business Review, develop a workplan with factory management aimed at addressing root cause business issues, introduce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and visit the factory at least once a month to create an environment for continuous improvement and drive real change.

It is this blend of training, consulting and coaching that allows factories to reposition their businesses to meet the social and environmental requirements of US and European retailers and brands.

Workers - Worker Engagement

worker-engagementHelping factory management realize that workers are an asset and not a commodity is critical to improving workplace practices and communication. However, the workers must be given a voice and a means to have concerns addressed. Management will not be able to improve retention if they do not understand why workers leave. Combining training, surveys, worker-management dialogue, new technology and more, ELEVATE designs, develops and implements worker engagement and communication programs that drive impact.


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