Fire Safety ExpoDHAKA, BANGLADESH - DECEMBER 7-9, 2014 - Banga Bandhu Convention Center
Please join building and fire safety product and service companies along with the leaders in the
ready-made-garment (RMG) industry...

ELEVATE believes...

Sustained, impactful improvement in social and environmental performance requires a responsible balance between maximizing financial return and meeting supplier responsibility requirements.
We call this Business Driven Sustainability.

Shifting the paradigm
The business community has addressed supply chain labor and environmental issues in roughly the same way for the past 15 years.  Audit and "do it yourself" corrective action planning has been and continues to be the focus with minor investments in in-factory training or consulting.  However, it is clear that model has its limits and we have reached them.
Increased ROI
Businesses make decisions every day that involve trade-offs and rarely is there a perfect ‘solution’. We believe that in order to drive sustained impact, resources should be focused where they matter most. By segmenting activities and efforts to match the unique challenges of different supply chain actors a clear ROI emerges. ROI is critical in establishing Business Driven Sustainability.
While ELEVATE supports and believes in collaborative efforts, the reality is that every company is different. Our experience has shown that tailored programs that address and leverage unique company culture, supply chain characteristics, and challenges drive faster and more sustained improvements.
Widespread falsification of records as well as worker intimidation continue to undermine our collective efforts to monitor and improve factories conditions. Calibrating and building programs that encourage open and transparency communication within the supply chain is a must.


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