Dr. Vignesh Venkataraman
Consultant, Data Analytics and Sustainability, ELEVATE

Published: 10 December 2019

Published: 10 December 2019

Dr. Vignesh Venkataraman - Consultant, Data Analytics and Sustainability, ELEVATE

EiQ vendor and supplier ownership

Our long-term commitment to supplier transparency at ELEVATE has enabled us to accumulate the industry’s most extensive pool of data about what is really happening in supply chain facilities around the world.

More than ever, ethical sourcing professionals need robust data analytics for evolving responsible sourcing programs. In response to this demand and the growing demand for ESG reporting, we launched EiQ in early 2019. This decision support platform lends access to unique supply chain analytics across a spectrum of users. Contact ELEVATE to learn more about our EiQ offerings or schedule a live demo.

EiQ for Sourcing Decision Support

EiQ has been designed and developed to provide sourcing professionals the information needed for their day-to-day supplier management responsibilities. It is the fundamental tool for evaluating risk at new sourcing destinations, monitoring existing suppliers, scorecarding business partners for more action-oriented supplier conversations, and supporting resource allocations. For those organizations reorienting their supply chains, EiQ is a must-have decision support tool for sourcing and CSR professionals to navigate emerging bubbles of risk.

EiQ for Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The platform helps identify, implement and measure specific opportunities to drive sustainability and social responsibility program effectiveness. For CSR professionals looking to transition their programs from auditing to scope to auditing by risk, EiQ incorporates a comprehensive segmentation module. EiQ is the essential tool to help your company organize and prioritize the cost-effective integration of light touch to high touch solutions for a Beyond Audit program.

EiQ for Investor Relations

Company ESG rankings and investor ratings require access to new types of information and greater granularity for supply chains. EiQ continues to build capacity to support CSR and investor relations professionals to shape and organize the investor and stakeholder stories.

EiQ Vendor and Supplier Scorecard

We have recently released new vendor and supplier ownership scoreboard functionality and enhanced support for vendor sourcing discussions. EiQ also now includes a new program dashboard with a site risk watch list reflecting the latest audits, ELEVATE proprietary Transparency and SDS (supplemental data sheet) information, and changes in country or sector risk. The new dashboard provides instant access to your latest audit status and scores !!LIVE!!

With continued disruption buffeting global supply chains, professionals managing sourcing, CSR, and investor relations must possess agility and wisdom to keep programs apace with the speed of change. EiQ houses the powerful tools that help you better manage your supply chain.

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