CSRD Services

The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) requires EU and non-EU companies above a certain size and presence in the European market to pay the same attention to their sustainability/ESG engagement and reporting as they do to their financial disclosures.

ELEVATE helps clients understand what CSRD means for their business and prepares them for compliance by leveraging its unique range of ESG related services. Depending on the maturity of a client’s sustainability management ELEVATE supports CSRD implementation with the following services:

  1. CSRD Readiness Check. Understand if your company or its subsidiaries are covered by CSRD regulation. Based on a gap analysis, an implementation roadmap is developed that provides clarity on the required actions on the timeline.
  2. Double Materiality Assessment. Identify material topics from a financial resilience and an impact perspective by drawing on ELEVATE’s unique expertise and data from the supply chain ESG due diligence platform EiQ.
  3. Policy Development and Strategic Framework. Elaborate and/or update your corporate ESG-related targets and policies to meet CSRD expectations.
  4. Due Diligence. Implement robust due diligence processes for environmental, social and employee matters, human rights as well as anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters.
  5. Climate Strategy in line with 1.5°. Understand your carbon footprint along the value chain (Scope 1, 2 and 3) and align your climate strategy to the 1.5° target as expected by CSRD.
  6. ESG Governance. Anchoring a robust ESG governance to ensure your company’s resilience, to meet stakeholder’s expectations and to avoid greenwashing accusations or compliance breaches.
  7. ESRS and EU-Taxonomy ready data management. Understanding the European Sustainability Reporting Standards and EU-Taxonomy requirements; collecting, analyzing, and reporting the data and information needed.
  8. Reporting Approach. Developing a reporting concept and process, aligned to additional disclosure requirements (e.g. SEC, national regulations, TCFD, supply chain related disclosures, Securities regulations).
  9. Audit Readiness. Set-up your reporting process and data handling to ensure a smooth execution of the required report assurance. ELEVATE also provides assurance for sustainability related data and information.